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FAQ: Toxic Potato Rules


You can't play a HAZMAT card until everybody has had at least one turn. This allows everyone a chance to play before they get out.

If you have three or more TOXIC POTATO cards in your hand at any time, you may redistribute them to the players of your choice, but only one TOXIC POTATO per player. If they use a NO WAY card you have to keep it

You can redistribute the TOXIC POTATO cards as soon as you have three, even if it isn't your turn. If all three TOXIC POTATO cards are rejected with NO WAY cards, you get to redistribute them again.

When a PASS LEFT or PASS RIGHT card is played, the player receiving the TOXIC POTATO has a chance to match the card that was played to keep the TOXIC POTATO moving. The cards have to match, so a PASS LEFT can only be matched with a PASS LEFT and a PASS RIGHT with a PASS RIGHT.

There is no limit to how many times the card can be matched, so you could end up receiving the TOXIC POTATO card back if every other player matches your PASS LEFT/RIGHT card.

You can play two matching cards (i.e., two SWITCH ITs, TWO STEAL ITs, etc.) on your turn and pass a TOXIC POTATO from your hand to the player of your choice.

You can exchange any two action cards in your hand to draw one new card from the DRAW PILE on your turn. The two cards out of your hand do not have to match.


Yes, you can No Way a No Way to make it a Yes Way. And if you No Way the Yes Way, it becomes a No Way again...and so on until you run out of No Ways to play.

The No Way card protects every player holding a Toxic Potato in their hand if played on a HAZMAT.

The Detox card only protects the player that plays the Detox from being contaminated. Every other player with a Toxic Potato in their hand will also have to play a Detox if they want to remain in the game.

If a Detox card is played on a HAZMAT card, any No Way cards played after will only cancel out the Detox card. If you want to play a No Way to cancel a HAZMAT card, you have to play the No Way before a Detox card is laid down.

Yes, you can play a Detox even if you don't have a Toxic Potato in hand. You might want to do this to block anyone from playing a No Way card on a HAZMAT, since that would save everyone else.

The short answer is no, but it depends on how the GUESS card was played. When somebody plays a GUESS card, they should first name the person that they are going to play the GUESS card against. Next, they should give the other player a chance to NO WAY the GUESS card before they make their guess.

If the person playing the GUESS card does not give the other player a chance to NO WAY the GUESS card before they make a guess, the NO WAY card can be used to block the GUESS.

The Radioactive card will keep this from ever becoming a problem. The instructions on the Radioactive card explain that you are supposed to show that card as soon as it is drawn from the draw pile. Anyone that is holding a Toxic Potato is eliminated unless they play a Detox card at that point.

After you figure out who is eliminated, place the Radioactive card randomly back into the Draw pile. That way it will be picked up again later in the game. Every time it is drawn it should be placed back in the Draw pile until the game is over. This will ensure that the game will always eventually end because you will not have enough Detox cards to block it.

If you play all of the cards in your hand on your turn, just draw a card from the draw pile to end your turn.

Yes, you can play either card when it is the last card in your hand.

If you play an Attack It card, you get to take a random card from another player, but they do not get to take one from you because you don't have any cards for them to take.

If you play a Switch It card, you will get the other player's hand and they will be left with zero cards because you don't have any to give to them.


When someone is eliminated using the Fatal Potato, they choose one person still in the game to remove one Toxic Potato card from their hand. If the person they chose doesn't have a Toxic Potato card, they will choose another player until they find one that does.

So for example, if 5 people are in the game then there would be 4 Toxic Potato cards in play. If two people didn't have a Toxic Potato card when the Fatal Potato card was drawn, those two players would be out.

Each of those two players will choose one player to remove a single Toxic Potato card from their hand. If they choose someone that doesn't have a Toxic Potato card, then they will choose another player until they find one person that does.

At this point the two players out will have chosen 2 Toxic Potato cards to remove from two different players. That will leave 3 players in the game and 2 Toxic Potato cards, so there is always one less than the number of people in the game.

Whenever someone plays the Skip It card, they essentially become invisible in the game. If they are holding a Toxic Potato and a HAZMAT gets played, they completely avoid getting eliminated and don't have to use a No Way or Detox to protect themselves. So that is how you should play every card against them.

So for this specific example, someone plays a Pass Left/Right card to pass a Toxic Potato. The person that played the "Skip It" card is invisible until their next turn in the game. The Toxic Potato would "skip" right past the them and on to the next player. The person next to the "skipped player" can stack the Pass Left/Right to keep the Toxic Potato moving (see Hot Potato rule).

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