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About Us

Mak and Kyle at a tradeshow displaying Toxic Potato


Mak and I (Kyle) have been married since 2013. We love to play games, especially games where you interact a lot with each other.

Some of our best memories with friends and family have been while playing a game together.

So we make our games with a single goal in mind: that you share an experience that deepens your connection with each other.

A picture of a group of adults playing Toxic Potato while they smile and laugh.


To make your time together a blast regardless of who you are playing with, we focus on three things:

1. QUICK TO LEARN - Our games are easy to learn so that you can get other players up to speed in ten minutes or less, guaranteed.

2. EASY TO PLAY - We keep all of our game mechanics as simple as possible so that you don't need a PhD to have a chance to win.

3. FUN FOR ADULTS AND KIDS - Our games are a blast whether you are playing with adult friends or your younger kids (7+ years old).

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