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Toxic Potato Bundle

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Product Description

Toxic Potato is a the card game version of Hot Potato. It is a fast-paced, addicting party game that everyone ages 7+ will love!

Toxic Potato Bundle Set

  • Toxic Potato Base Game - 2-6 players, 10-15 minutes to play, and age 7+. Imagine hot potato, uno, old maid, and go fish put together. Yeah, it's freaking epic.
  • Poison Potato Expansion - Add 2 more players for a total of 8 people. Plus get 4 new action cards and the dangerous Poison Potato card!
  • Rotten Potato Expansion - Team gameplay enabled. Players that get out join together as Rotten Potato zombies to take out the remaining survivors.
  • Fatal Potato Expansion - Add 4 new action cards, plus the Fatal Potato card that kills anyone not holding a Toxic Potato!

BONUS# 1: FREE Expansion ($8 value)

BONUS# 2: FREE "Taters Gonna Tate" medal ($10 value)

BONUS #3: FREE Shipping ($12 value)


2-6 players icon, 7+ in age icon, and 10-15 minutes to play icon

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